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Float Business

     One of the most rewarding things you can do with

      your life is opening a float center.

  • An investment in health and pure joy in this case is affordable, quite apart from the positive feedback of the guests

  • The prerequisites for a successful outcome are not too high, but it is not simply done to put a float system in any room and hope that everything goes well.

  • Services and planning tools are critical and integral to the dynamic process of opening a float center. The financial models provide the details needed to really understand the intricate operations to running a float center.

  • From planning to selection and realization, we give free consultation from the beginning. Checking the floor plan to the connections to the styling of the rooms.

  • We offer after sales services and maintance, product guarantees and support

Medical. Spa. Health. Beauty

Do you already run a spa, a hotel, a massage practice or a day spa?

  • As a highlight of your spa, in your practice and as a floating center with several Floatness Rooms in combination with other treatments and offers.


  • Floatness Rooms can be booked as a single-float bath or as a couple floating bath.


  • Floating is compatible, in combination with other treatments such as massages.


  • Run a float center with several facilities and increase your income.

Sales forecast, an example from the field

Single float à € 50, - / h, pair Floating à € 80, -/h.

On 5 days / week, fixed expenses € 5 .- */day

* Cost factors: shower 5 min., Electricity per day, kW/h 0,25.-.

Lifetime of a high-quality floating system: min. 20 years.

                                     DAY           MONTH            YEAR

Single float:                 300.-           6,000.-            72,000.-

Couple float:                480.-          9,600.-           115,200.-

Why floatness or why the product selection

is important?

We have dealt very intensively with the topic of floating and know what is important. Deeper thinking brought us to better products.

Concept, designs and technology. Every detail is up to date.


Attractive, inviting and self-explanatory.

A really good product has then fulfilled its task well, if it makes us curious, gives pleasure, can convey a good feeling, has an inviting

effect and one thing above all: convinced in all points.

Away from baby blue plastic boxes we offer our customers something special:

  • new natural 3D wall systems

  • noble stone tiles, stainless steel handrail

  • aesthetic Corian solid surface materials

  • Hans Grohe shower systems

  • unique material mixes


Float business benefits at a glance

  • No additional staff costs

  • Employees can follow other activities after a briefing.

  • Floating can be booked in parallel with your regular treatments.

  • Ideal complementary offer within a health-oriented overall concept, prevention and rehabilitation.

  • Profitable with a quick return on investment

  • Low fixed costs and expenses.


Floatness Rooms vs. Float tanks or pods

The results of a recent survey show clear advantages in the Float Rooms.

  • 80% of all respondents prefer a comfortable open floating room.

The original idea for a space in which one can find in silence and darkness relaxed floating to itself, of course, remains.

  • No sense of tightness, more comfort and space

  • Increased willingness for first time users to visit a spacious facility

  • Opportunities for individuals and couples to float

  • Optimum advanced hygienic conditions with integrated shower facility

Thinking anew in better dimensions and get more in series.

Create a unique feel-good ambience with  new natural materials.