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Configure your floatness rooms

  • How do you like to design your rooms? How can walls and ceilings contribute to  the mood? Is the visual effect in the foreground? Or are they practical functions to be fulfilled?

  • Due to the almost endless color variations of the wall and ceiling colors and the different pattern designs, every single decor of the 3D panels is a unique experience.

  • The 3D panels can be optimally used to create a suitable atmosphere in a wide variety of rooms.

  • We have summarized the creative possibilities for wall and ceiling as well as their practical implementation in application areas. And because panels can be used in both privately and commercially used spaces, you'll find examples of both.

  • The Bamboo Wall Panels give each wall or surface a unique styling.

  • All designs are expandable in any direction with an automatic pattern repeat.

    What you can expect from us is tailored. No off-the-shelf solution




      Individual styles? - beautiful indeed!

  • They are innovatively designed and unique.

  • The choice of wall panels or ceiling panels is a matter of demand, because optics alone is no longer enough today.

  • What is needed is the match between aesthetics and sustainability.

  • Highest technical quality, paired with convincing design and the conscious handling of our environment.

  • Elegant like an modern art object.

  • Sound damping, thermal insulatin materials

  • flame retardant, water repellent

    3 concepts available: open medical pool, float rooms & float suites

  • At the start of new shores, managers often askthemselves the question of which way they should go to achieve their goals. We tell you what we do, what the opportunities and risks are and what it will do for you. Also, what the fun at the end of the day costs and what we do for you. You should earn as fast as possible with your purchase and find customers as unproblematically as necessary.

  • A good business partner will develop an individualand tailor-made approach for your company. After the briefing, he will prepare a detailed dossier on the projects to be implemented in your company and make this available after prior authorization by you.

  • He is not a "procurer" but also first a guide and supports you in all matters up to realize your float center and of course also beyond.
  • You will not receive any off-the-shelf solutions from us. For each project, we analyze the respective starting situation of our client and offer tailoredsolutions on this basis.

  • We have the competence and ability to understand complex issues in an overall corporate context and solve them together with the client. We are short-term accessible and available and act absolutely customer-oriented. We strictly follow your specifications and not only our preferences.

  • We act in our selection according to the guiding principle: "Simply The Best" and we live our performance promises philosophy. More individuality, please! That's your advantage. As lateral thinkers, we always find industry-spanning and innovative solutions, thereby ensuring that we do not become "industry-blind".